martinluther_300Tomorrow, I will begin a journey from Owatonna to Wittenberg, Germany.  I’ll leave home around 8am.  17 hours, Four airports, 1 bus ride and 4,813 miles later I will arrive in Wittenberg.

Once I land in the Berlin airport, I’ll be joining up with a group of pastors and church leaders and we’ll begin a 7 day learning experience called the “Luther500 Festival” Leader’s Trip.

In 2017, the Lutheran Church will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the reformation.  It’s going to be a big deal.  And the trip I’m taking this week is designed to help pastors and church leaders better understand the events, sites and geography of the reformation, so we can help our congregations celebrate this milestone in the life of our church.  Plus, it prepares us so that we can potentially lead groups from our congregations back to Wittenberg in 2017 for the actual Reformation celebrations.

If there is interest at Trinity, it would be a blast to bring a group over in 2017.

So please keep me in your prayers for safe travel and good learning.

As the week goes along, and as access to the internet allows, I’m going to try and blog here stories, observations and experiences from the trip.  So feel free to check back!

Pastor Todd

Posted by tbuegler

Husband, father, reader, guitar player, pastor, a person who is really banking on that whole grace thing!

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