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Why We Vote…Not How We Vote

Americans head to the polls tomorrow for an election that many believe will be one of the most significant elections held during a non-presidential campaign year.  Our nation has become […]

Romans in 29 Days

In Trinity’s “Messenger” newsletter for August, I wrote about the experience of re-discovering the Book of Romans this summer as a part of our “Love Letters” summer sermon series.  Here […]

Who To Vote For?

I’ve noticed an almost universal reaction when the topic of the elections, especially the presidential election comes up.  There is a sigh…sometimes the rolling of the eyes, and the statement: […]

Luther’s Prayer for a Charitable Disposition

This is Martin Luther’s prayer “for a charitable disposition.”  It seems that it is especially appropriate during this election season. Please join me in this prayer: “God, give us true […]

Luther’s Kitchen

I returned home last night from Germany.  I was there to see and study the sites of the reformation and the life of Martin Luther.  It was an amazing trip, […]

From Darkness to Light

Thoughts from Germany: From the Service of Light, in “The Order of Evening Prayer.” “In the name of the Father, and of the + Son, and of the Holy Spirit. […]

Looking for Luther

Tomorrow, I will begin a journey from Owatonna to Wittenberg, Germany.  I’ll leave home around 8am.  17 hours, Four airports, 1 bus ride and 4,813 miles later I will arrive in […]

Finding Balance

This is another in the series of posts responding to “Faith and Life Questions” that were asked last fall. This is a 2-part question: 1)  Q:  “How do you find […]