Life Lessons from the Cornfield: Risk vs. Reward

A common business, or investment principle is “risk vs. reward.”  This involves determining how much cost, or risk a businessperson is comfortable taking, in order to maximize the reward.  The … Continue reading Life Lessons from the Cornfield: Risk vs. Reward

Nope. Never Again.

The power of water is an amazing thing to witness. Certainly, we saw that earlier this week.  The heavy rains Thursday and the flooding between here and Rochester were a … Continue reading Nope. Never Again.

A Letter to my Successor

A centennial celebration is a significant day…a milestone in the life of a congregation.  And on this important day, to mark this milestone, I have written a letter, which I … Continue reading A Letter to my Successor


Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!  I hear those words and they stir memories.  I remember hearing the pastor say those words when I was a child at Diamond … Continue reading Remember…

Not The Way It Will Be For You

There are days when the world seems pretty upside-down and unexpected. Did Nancy Williams from Owatonna High School, (who is, by the way, one of my heroes) really talk about … Continue reading Not The Way It Will Be For You

God’s Love Changes Everything

About 6 months ago I was looking around on YouTube and found a video from a channel called Yes Theory. In this video there were 4 guys in their mid … Continue reading God’s Love Changes Everything

God’s Hope Changes Everything

Hope is a feeling in your heart. It will get you through any situation. It will carry you through the good and help you through the bad. It’s like a … Continue reading God’s Hope Changes Everything