The Music of Christmas

Music is simply a way of blending tones, rhythms and oftentimes lyrics, to tell a story.  But it is more than that.  Music connects our minds and our hearts…our emotions…in … Continue reading The Music of Christmas

Rethinking Judgment

“Faith is moving forward.”  “God has a plan for us.”  “Let’s go.” Now, these words are from a drama.  They are not actually found in the scriptures.  The truth is, … Continue reading Rethinking Judgment

Right Here…Right Now…

On November 2, 2011, White House press secretary, Jay Carney was asked a question during a routine press briefing.  He was asked to explain the president’s belief that government should … Continue reading Right Here…Right Now…

Life Lessons from the Cornfield: Risk vs. Reward

A common business, or investment principle is “risk vs. reward.”  This involves determining how much cost, or risk a businessperson is comfortable taking, in order to maximize the reward.  The … Continue reading Life Lessons from the Cornfield: Risk vs. Reward

Nope. Never Again.

The power of water is an amazing thing to witness. Certainly, we saw that earlier this week.  The heavy rains Thursday and the flooding between here and Rochester were a … Continue reading Nope. Never Again.