God’s Love Changes Everything

About 6 months ago I was looking around on YouTube and found a video from a channel called Yes Theory. In this video there were 4 guys in their mid […]

The Light of Jesus was Enough

We were hoping power would be restored and the lights would come back on Saturday afternoon in time for the 5pm worship service.  Nope.  So we moved the worship into […]

Trinity Welcomes (Back) Deacon Kris Oppegard!

“Who says, you can’t go home?” – Jon Bon Jovi At our congregational meeting on Sunday, the members of Trinity chose to call Deacon Kris Oppegard as the new member […]

God’s Hope Changes Everything

Hope is a feeling in your heart. It will get you through any situation. It will carry you through the good and help you through the bad. It’s like a […]

Ministry of Inclusion Launches!

Trinity is very excited to launch our ministry of inclusion this fall!  Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of cognitive or physical ability, is able to participate in […]

God’s Call Changes Everything

Hi, I’m Nicole Weber. Over the summer I went to the youth gathering in Houston. We focused on a general theme each day. And then, at night in NRG stadium, […]

This Changes Everything

The resurrection changes everything Everything. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has been called the single-most significant event in human history.  It has been called the event that changed our relationship […]

When Jesus Changed His Mind

In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte, made the decision to sell land to the United States.  In what came to be known as “The Louisiana Purchase,” he sold 828,000 square miles of […]

Coffee AND Mission…at the same time!

Ok, I have to admit…I like coffee.  You probably know that.  You see me walking around church with my giant Mickey Mouse coffee cup.  And, in the church world, we […]

As for We and Our House

The year was 1876, and the United States was celebrating its centennial.  Other nations sent dignitaries to the celebrations and brought gifts to honor this nation as it celebrated 100 […]